Monday, June 14, 2010


Wow!! It has been a busy month or so...

First, Jeff had to have knee surgery because of his youthful attempt at playing football.

This picture was after they prepped him for surgery and he did not want his picture taken so he wouldn't look at me and he had this ridiculous smile on his face.

This picture is the correct knee for surgery...hence the "yes" written in permanent marker! Ha! The "MF" was the doctors initials, I guess for good measure.

This picture was 5 days after his surgery during his physical therapy visit. Looks disgusting but he's doing well.

He had his surgery just over a week ago and he's walking really well. He was walking on the injured leg the afternoon after fact, we took a trip up to Logandale that same day to open our P.O. Box and get some things started for our big move.

That brings me to Second, Third, and Fourth...(Second) we just moved to Logandale, NV.

We have been wanting to get out of Vegas for quite some time and we have several people that have been trying to convince us to move up here. We had been looking at houses to rent out here and found a really great one so we inquired. We came and looked at the house and love the area. (Third) I also found out that there is a special education position available at the elementary school here, which is literally down the street from the house we moved into. (I interviewed and got the job!)

Another reason we decided to move after we just moved less than a month ago was that (Fourth) we found out that the pool had a major leak and the management company failed to disclose that information to us.

The former tenant came to our door one morning and told us that the pool had a major leak and he couldn't get the management company to fix it. Needless to say, Jeff was on the phone with them immediately telling them we will be out shortly and we would like our deposit back. That's right, we are getting our deposit back even though we have only fulfilled one month of our lease., moving, and new job is the latest!


Katy Truman said...

Glad that Jeff's knee is doing better and glad things seem to be working out better for you guys now. I hope you guys enjoy living in Logandale. You'll have to post pictures of the new house we you get organized. It was good seeing you guys in Vegas and thanks again for letting us borrow the air mattress!!

Lori said...

eww that knee was sick nast. lol
I really like your new blog background.. its tight!
I miss you guys in vegas already. too bad it takes an hour to see you guys now:/

Apple said...

wow talk about busy! So how was moving with a gimp for a husband? ;o) How long's his recovery? Luckily mine's only a month or so! Congrats on the new job! That's awesome it's so close to home!

Channi said...

Your summer has been busier than ours, I didn't know that was possible haha!

Jacque said...

I'm glad you got all moved and the pics of Jeff are choice. We miss you already but I'm glad the kids are loven it. Congratulations on the job actualy Jeffs dad told me you got it I am so excited for you. If that place is anything like Enterprise you will love it. I have to say I'm a little envious... Love ya MOM