Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Logandale, NV

SO...we made the move to Logandale and so far we love it. Here are some pictures of our house...

Ginny's pink/purple room...she loves the color!

Justin's "army" themed room and his closet. Almost all of the rooms have built in shelves in the closets...LOVE THAT!

Kid's bathroom...the only rooms without colored paint are the bathrooms.

The front the right of the book shelves is the short hallway to the kids rooms and bathroom; to the left of the book shelves is our room; through the arch is the rest of the house.

Our bedroom...our bed is so big there's very little room to walk around it. =)

Our bathroom.

After walking through the arch in the front room, turning to the right is the "dining room" and to the left is the kitchen.

This is the other side of the kitchen...notice the dark maroon paint. The ceiling is a pink and the pink doors to the right of this picture is the laundry closet. What you can't see is the dishwasher...oh wait, THERE ISN'T ONE!!!! That's right, they didn't install a dishwasher when they built this house and we didn't realize there wasn't one until the week we were moving in! The owner said that she doesn't think they clean very well so she didn't want to spend the money on one to install in the house...OKAY?!?!

This is the living room with the french doors going to the backyard. I love the saying on the wall...does anyone know where I can get more of these?

People are saying this is our "dungeon" room. I think they had a pool table in this room. The last picture is in the kitchen looking through the "window" to the "dungeon" room. As you can see we are still unpacking!

This is the "play" room or I like to call it the "blue" room. (I love that each room has their own color!) This is where our playstation, Wii, board games, and card games are.

This is the office, or the "yellow" room. AGAIN...we are still unpacking and this is gonna be the last room I attempt. =)

The storage/pantry room. I LOVE this room! Look at all those shelves to fill up...=)

This is our backyard...the first picture is looking to the right and each picture after that is spanning across our backyard to the left. The last picture is the side of our house where we can store our 5th wheel...someday!! =)

We are not yet unpacked all the way but it's starting to feel like a home. Come visit us!


Jacque said...

Hey the lettering on the wall there is a Lady in my old ward that has a vinal cutter and does that sort of thing. You just have to tell her the words and she can cut them. I'm not sure on the cost but I believe it is so much pur word and of course the size has something to do with the cost. Just let me know if you want her phone number and you can call and ask about the stuff.. Mom

Cheralyn said...

It looks like a really fun house. How exciting for you and the painting is already done. Anyway if I ever make it that way again I would love to come see your place. Are you renting this home or did you buy? What is on the ceiling in your sons room it looks so fun in there. Hope you are settling in good and enjoying the new space and feel of Logandale.... Cheralyn