Saturday, April 18, 2009

When it rains, it pours!!

The last month doesn't seem to be going very well for us. I am trying to stay positive and focus on the positive but sometimes it sure is difficult!

1. I found out that I will be surplused (involuntary school change due to the number of students dropping at my school, requiring me to leave) if I don't find a position by the end of April. I have been looking at the postings for the positions in the district that I am licensed for and have put my name in to a few schools already. I am still waiting to hear from them to interview.

2. Two weeks ago Jeff was laid off from his job. He called me while I was on vacation up in northern Utah and at first didn't think anything of it. He reassured me that he will get another job within a week. He was right, but we aren't sure if it's a permanent thing. He is still waiting for the union to vote on a full time teaching position for him at the sheet metal school.

3. Found out last Monday that my grandma doesn't have that much longer to live. She has not been well mentally and her health has been deteriorating as well. She is so medicated, due to her dimensia making her very violent, that she is not herself at all and she doesn't remember who anyone is, nor does she talk much anymore either. She finally passed away Friday, exactly one year after my grandpa (literally, to the day) passed away.

Just keep us in your prayers, please!