Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pool Fiasco

We love getting our above ground inflatable pool every summer! We've never had problems with them...until this year! The inflatable ring at the top helps hold the water inside the pool. Our pool's inflatable ring started to deflate each day and we didn't realize this until the kids were getting in it one day and they touched the inflatable ring. Once they touched the ring, the water started gushing over the side! We had to quickly inflate the ring to avoid a flood!

BUT...we couldn't avoid the flood totally! We called the store we bought it at to make sure they would return it before we emptied it. Once we got the "okay" we decided to empty the pool and take it back to the store for an exchange/refund.

The following short video is the start of the "flood". This is Jeff starting to empty the pool:

The following pictures are just shots of the water flowing through out backyard! The last picture is looking out one of the rooms in the house at the "river" of water flowing to the side of the yard.

The following video is just an overview of the "flood".

Luckily the flood only when throughout the backyard and not into the house! =)

Logandale, NV

SO...we made the move to Logandale and so far we love it. Here are some pictures of our house...

Ginny's pink/purple room...she loves the color!

Justin's "army" themed room and his closet. Almost all of the rooms have built in shelves in the closets...LOVE THAT!

Kid's bathroom...the only rooms without colored paint are the bathrooms.

The front the right of the book shelves is the short hallway to the kids rooms and bathroom; to the left of the book shelves is our room; through the arch is the rest of the house.

Our bedroom...our bed is so big there's very little room to walk around it. =)

Our bathroom.

After walking through the arch in the front room, turning to the right is the "dining room" and to the left is the kitchen.

This is the other side of the kitchen...notice the dark maroon paint. The ceiling is a pink and the pink doors to the right of this picture is the laundry closet. What you can't see is the dishwasher...oh wait, THERE ISN'T ONE!!!! That's right, they didn't install a dishwasher when they built this house and we didn't realize there wasn't one until the week we were moving in! The owner said that she doesn't think they clean very well so she didn't want to spend the money on one to install in the house...OKAY?!?!

This is the living room with the french doors going to the backyard. I love the saying on the wall...does anyone know where I can get more of these?

People are saying this is our "dungeon" room. I think they had a pool table in this room. The last picture is in the kitchen looking through the "window" to the "dungeon" room. As you can see we are still unpacking!

This is the "play" room or I like to call it the "blue" room. (I love that each room has their own color!) This is where our playstation, Wii, board games, and card games are.

This is the office, or the "yellow" room. AGAIN...we are still unpacking and this is gonna be the last room I attempt. =)

The storage/pantry room. I LOVE this room! Look at all those shelves to fill up...=)

This is our backyard...the first picture is looking to the right and each picture after that is spanning across our backyard to the left. The last picture is the side of our house where we can store our 5th wheel...someday!! =)

We are not yet unpacked all the way but it's starting to feel like a home. Come visit us!


Those of you that know me, know that I don't cook! Well, I have the whole summer off of school to practice and I'm having some fun with it so here are a few pictures of what I've been fixing:

These are pictures of chicken enchiladas that I made...they were really good!

These are the "pre-baked" zucchini bread that I made...

These are the finished products...the first picture is the mini loafs and the second picture is the regular sized loafs. I doubled the recipe and got 3 regular loafs and 7 mini loafs out of it...SO GOOD!!!

This is a Pampered Chef recipe called Family Sized Baked Burrito and it was so easy and good. The first picture is the before and the second is the after. The last picture is what my plate looked like...the green stuff is an avocado lime sauce and was really good!!

I'm beginning to like cooking...shhhh, don't tell Jeff! =)

Monday, June 14, 2010


Wow!! It has been a busy month or so...

First, Jeff had to have knee surgery because of his youthful attempt at playing football.

This picture was after they prepped him for surgery and he did not want his picture taken so he wouldn't look at me and he had this ridiculous smile on his face.

This picture is the correct knee for surgery...hence the "yes" written in permanent marker! Ha! The "MF" was the doctors initials, I guess for good measure.

This picture was 5 days after his surgery during his physical therapy visit. Looks disgusting but he's doing well.

He had his surgery just over a week ago and he's walking really well. He was walking on the injured leg the afternoon after fact, we took a trip up to Logandale that same day to open our P.O. Box and get some things started for our big move.

That brings me to Second, Third, and Fourth...(Second) we just moved to Logandale, NV.

We have been wanting to get out of Vegas for quite some time and we have several people that have been trying to convince us to move up here. We had been looking at houses to rent out here and found a really great one so we inquired. We came and looked at the house and love the area. (Third) I also found out that there is a special education position available at the elementary school here, which is literally down the street from the house we moved into. (I interviewed and got the job!)

Another reason we decided to move after we just moved less than a month ago was that (Fourth) we found out that the pool had a major leak and the management company failed to disclose that information to us.

The former tenant came to our door one morning and told us that the pool had a major leak and he couldn't get the management company to fix it. Needless to say, Jeff was on the phone with them immediately telling them we will be out shortly and we would like our deposit back. That's right, we are getting our deposit back even though we have only fulfilled one month of our lease., moving, and new job is the latest!