Friday, February 27, 2009


We try to make going to a Nascar race in Las Vegas an annual thing, whether we go to qualifying day, Nationwide Series race, or Sprint Cup Series race. This year, we weren't planning on going to any of the races. We usually acquire tickets somehow. Because I am a school district employee, we were able to get two free tickets. I've decided to let my husband take his nephew (or whomever he wanted) to the race on Sunday. He tried to get me to call in sick today and go with him to qualifying (which I should've done!!!) but I have a guilty conscience and I would've felt bad all day. Instead he took two of his nephews (one of which is having a birthday this weekend). He paid to get the Neon Garage passes (for our nephews birthday present)where they are within touching distance from drivers!!!! Including my favorite...Jimmie Johnson!

Then when Jeff got home he had to tell me that he was walking right beside Jimmie! I should've called in sick!!!

The best team is Jimmie and his crew chief Chad Knaus. They have now won 3 championships in a row!!

I don't care what anyone says...I like Nascar! I mean, look at how hot Jimmie Johnson is! =)