Monday, November 22, 2010

Critters in Logandale

There are many critters out here and I'm not getting used to them. Here are some of the ones we've encountered around our house:

This was a beetle crawling on the porch. He was found a few days later dead so we didn't have to dispose of this one...he died on his own.

I found this beauty outside in our garage...luckily it wasn't inside the house!! I wouldn't have gone back in the house! I'm still not sure what kind of spider that was but I'm glad it is no more!!!!

Just another angle of the same looks bigger in this shot!

This guy was found by Justin on Ginny's bedroom floor!! She almost stepped on it and Justin happened to see it and tell her not to step there. At first I thought it was dead but then when I tried to scoop him up he moved...not very fast so I knew he was almost dead but he still moved, which freaked me out! Jeff wasn't home either so we were all sitting up high on my bed until he got home!

I finally got him into a plastic cup where he lived in my freezer for a couple of months (I wanted to make sure he was dead before we discarded his body). I finally threw him away a few weeks ago.

Sleeping Like A Baby!!

Oh how funny it is to walk into Justin's room and find him in ANOTHER weird position when he sleeps! Here are just some of the many positions I find him in...

He got this Indiana Jones hat for his birthday and he had to try it out to sleep in...just like Indy does!! =)

Stink-bug sleeping position...I've never thought this was comfortable but apparently it was to him.

He wanted to read so he could fall asleep...well it worked! He is asleep holding his book up to his face.

He was just resting his eyes...;-)

Not sure what is around his head...

Ginny's new bed is much more appealing to Justin than his own bed...I find him asleep here almost every night!