Tuesday, July 27, 2010

4th of July Celebrations

This year was our first year in Logandale for the 4th of July festivities. Up here they have an all day celebration, starting with breakfast provided for the entire town, a candy drop for the kids, water fun with firetrucks, dinner and fireworks at the end of the day. We partook in a few of the festivities Saturday the 3rd of July and then celebrated the 4th of July at some friends house with food, fireworks, and pool fun! Here are some pictures displaying our great weekend:

This is Justin's friend Fox double fisting the watermelon and dripping it all down the front of him. =)

This is a full screen shot of the firetrucks shooting the water on all of the kids, and the adults that were brave enough!

You can see Ginny in the pink shirt, Cannon in the American Flag shorts, and Justin walking in the background. They had so much fun in the water.

The boys after getting soaked from the firetrucks.

Ginny and a couple of her friends after getting all wet.

This is in the driveway of our friends house with all of us watching the fireworks. We had a lot of fun!

Yes...that's a toad in the swimming pool. They come out at night and swim in our friends pool. The kids LOVED playing with them.

This is Justin's friend Fox who caught FIVE toads. I'm surprised these little guys survived but they all hopped away after he let them down...or dropped them. All the toads that the kids were playing with were dropped so many times! =)

Justin had to put them on his head like his friend was doing but they had so much fun with the toads!

Justin was following this toad all over the pool. Justin's friend was showing one of the adults a toad and it jumped out into the person's lap so all night I was cowering away from the kids with the toads! Don't ask me why, I just did not want to touch them.