Tuesday, October 6, 2009

First Day of School

Ginny and Justin's 1st day of school this year.

We are at a new school this year and so far, the kids like it and we haven't had any "Justin" problems (behavior problems in his class).

THE WORST MOTHER EVER awarded to...ME!!!

I am so terribly upset! I have scarred one of my children's minds for life without trying too...

While Ginny was at piano practice this afternoon, Justin was starting his homework in the kitchen on the table and I was checking my facebook in the office. Justin needed some help on his homework so I told him just to bring his homework in the office so that I could help him. After I helped with his one question, I went back to checking my facebook and he went back to completing his homework right next to me. One of my friends posted a video that was titled: "Holy crap! Michael Jackson's ghost!!". Stupid, I know, but I thought I would just see what nonsense was posted. The video started and seemed like a news clip. As the reporter was talking about Michael Jackson's bedroom door, it started playing scary music and repeating the same shot over and over again. I kept saying in my head, "I'm not seeing it, where's Michael Jackson's ghost?" I was getting ready to stop the video and continue checking my facebook, when a scary face popped on the screen and played a LOUD scream! I'm sure you've falled for these types of videos before. I jumped and gasped and immediately turned to Justin to see if he was watching. OF COURSE HE WAS!!! He dropped to his knees and immediately covered his ears and started balling! I started tearing up with him because I realized that he had just seen the video clip and will probably not sleep for a week!! WHAT WAS I THINKING!! I felt so bad and all I could do was just hold him and keep saying "I'm sorry!" over and over again! The rest of the afternoon, he kept saying "I'm trying to get it out of my head mom but it's not going away." Like that doesn't stab me in the heart!!! I am THE WORST MOTHER EVER!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Yep, it's been WAY too long since my last post!

Ok, here's the latest...NOTHING new!!! And you wonder why I don't post more often Lori.

I'll keep you posted on anything new, I promise!