Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pool Fiasco

We love getting our above ground inflatable pool every summer! We've never had problems with them...until this year! The inflatable ring at the top helps hold the water inside the pool. Our pool's inflatable ring started to deflate each day and we didn't realize this until the kids were getting in it one day and they touched the inflatable ring. Once they touched the ring, the water started gushing over the side! We had to quickly inflate the ring to avoid a flood!

BUT...we couldn't avoid the flood totally! We called the store we bought it at to make sure they would return it before we emptied it. Once we got the "okay" we decided to empty the pool and take it back to the store for an exchange/refund.

The following short video is the start of the "flood". This is Jeff starting to empty the pool:

The following pictures are just shots of the water flowing through out backyard! The last picture is looking out one of the rooms in the house at the "river" of water flowing to the side of the yard.

The following video is just an overview of the "flood".

Luckily the flood only when throughout the backyard and not into the house! =)


Melina said...

Okay, so the videos didn't post...sorry!

Lori said...

Blog overload! just kidding! It looks like you guys are having a blast up there!