Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More Tears!!

Today was another doctor's appointment for Ginny. Last week, the orthopedic doctor that put on her cast said he wants to see her once a week for the first few weeks to make sure her bones are healing properly. He is worried that her bones will shift and cause her to have surgery. Today's doctors appointment didn't go like I imagined: We sign in, wait to be called, have x-rays taken and then told her bones look great and we can make another appointment for next week. NOT THE CASE TODAY!!

After getting her x-rays done, the doctor said that her bones have shifted slightly,nothing terrible, but enough to cause some concern. He then said that they will need to adjust her cast so that her bones will shift back in place and heal correctly. The doctor was explaining to the cast technician that he needed to cut the cast in a certain spot, put in some wedges so her hand can be shifted enough to help shift her bones back to the proper place. Ginny wasn't listening to all of this and probably wouldn't understand it even if she did listen.

After the doctor left the room, the cast technician pulled out the cast "saw" and Ginny's eyes grew as wide as a frisbee!!!! She was terrified of the saw. He turned that saw on and Justin about jumped in my lap and Ginny was SCREAMING and crying!! YES, literally screaming!! She was afriad that it was going to hurt her but even after the cast technician showed her that it wouldn't hurt her at all (he touched his own skin with the cast "saw" and it did nothing to him) she still was in hysterics!! She had the whole doctor's office staff down by the cast room again trying to calm her down.

Justin was not understanding either and he started crying so I took him out to the waiting room while Ginny had her moment in the cast room. Justin asked me "why do they have to cut Ginny's arm off" and through my giggling and laughter I had to explain to him that they weren't cutting off her arm, they were merely cutting a piece of the cast and the cast "saw" is not going to hurt her at all! He was okay with it after that but we had to stay in the waiting room so Ginny wouldn't freak out more.

They finally finished adjusting her cast and re-wrapped her cast with another roll of the BRIGHT pink wrap so her cast was good as new. She is in a lot of pain again so we've had to give her medicine and send her to bed...without doing her homework might I add.

Oh the joys of being a mother!! My advice to anyone reading...don't let your kids break their bones (like we "allowed" this to happen-sarcastically speaking)!! =) ESPECIALLY a girl that overreacts to almost anything!!!


Katy Truman said...

Oh i just feel so bad for Ginny. I hope she doesn't have to go through surgery. I guess she won't be playing on your bed again. Hows everything else going? Hows teaching your class so far?

Emily Anzalone said...

I'm so glad to see some new posts on your blog. I've been really bad at it lately, too much going on...so how is everything going? I hope Ginny doesn't have to have surgery, that would be so hard...