Saturday, October 11, 2008

ER's make moms emotional!!

Our latest adventure was not a fun one! Last Friday, Oct. 3rd, my mom watched my kids for my very first Staff Development day as a licensed teacher. My son was not very good at school that week so he had to go with Grandpa and help him with landscaping someones yard (although I don't think he was upset about it at all). Ginny got to stay with Grandma and do things around the house and run errands. From the black marks all over my children's clothes and skin, it is assumed that they played on Grandma and Grandpa's trampoline for awhile that day also! NO INJURIES! That's a relief. HOWEVER, when returning home from Grandma and Grandpa's house, Ginny and Justin were allowed to watch T.V. up in my bedroom while my husband watched the latest election news on the T.V. downstairs (I was still at work). Ginny decided that she wanted to balance herself on the foot board of our bed (approximately 3-4 feet off the floor) while watching T.V. and fell off. In the midst of falling, she landed on her left arm! My husband heard a thud and was heading upstairs to reprimand whoever was "horsing" around in our room. Halfway up the stairs, he heard a shrieking scream (that you would hear in a horror movie) coming from our bedroom. When he arrived in the bedroom, my daughter was screaming and crying that she fell and thought she broke her arm. He inspected the arm she fell on and decided that it was in need for medical attention. They all came downstairs and he attempted to call me, which my phone did not deliver the call until after I got home. Just as he hung up I pulled up and came in the house. As soon as I came in he told me in an extreme panic voice "We have to take Ginny to the hospital, she broker her arm!!" I was supposed to go to a Lia Sophia jewelry party an hour from this time but had to call the lady coming to get me that I was unable to go due to the recent events! Needless to say, I was panicking a little as well but tried not to show it. We arrived at the brand new hospital (I believe it was only open for about 4-6 months) on our side of town and they immediately took her while I was in the process of filling out paperwork! The older gentlemen that was helping me was so nice and expressed his understanding of what we were going through. We finally got back to a "bed" (it was really a recliner type chair) and the x-ray lady came to take the x-rays. After about 10 minutes the doctor came to tell us that he has good and bad news (I'm really not sure why they say that, just tell me the news...we're in the ER, it's obvious to be bad news whether it's the injury or the bill!!!) The bad news was the she broke both bones in her arm just above the wrist and the good news was they didn't have to set the brake!! I was planning on leaving if they would have to set the bone...I wouldn't be able to handle watching her go through that pain and I figured that Jeff would do much better than me!! The ER doctor scheduled an appointment for an orthopedic surgeon (which made my stomach turn again!) Tuesday for a cast. They put a splint on her in the ER and she kept tearing up and looking at us with big alligator tears...hence making me tear up as well!!! I hate not being able to help one of my kids when they are hurt and watching them give me that look of "help me"!

Waiting for the nurse to finish putting the splint on...this was painful for her also because she had to lift her arm several times for the wrap to go around her arm several times!

Justin was getting restless so I let him watch some Scooby-Doo and Spongebob on my Ipod.

We went to get the cast on Tuesday and the doctor said that she is still at risk for surgery if the bone displaces at all so they put on a long cast (up to her shoulder) and he wants to x-ray her arm once a week for the next 4 weeks. The man that was putting the cast on had to form the cast to her arm so that it would help keep her bones in place but while doing this it put Ginny in a lot of pain and she was crying pretty hard. She had the majority of the staff down by her room to make sure she was okay. She got to chose the color of her cast and instead of picking purple (her favorite color) she wanted BRIGHT pink! =)


Katy Truman said...

Oh so sorry Ginny!! I feel so bad you have had to be in all that pain! I hope your arm continues to heal up and i hope you can feel better.

Lori said...

finally you blogged! i only didn't tag you because you haven't blogged in forever so i didn't think you would. SO i officially TAG you!

Melina said...

Awww...THANKS!! I will have to sit down and actually do my end of the tagging tomorrow. Yay!