Sunday, May 9, 2010


Yep, it's really an update from's been a LONG time coming but when do I have the time, that's right...11pm on a school night.

Anyway, here goes the latest news in the Proffitt Family:

Jeff finally went to the doctor for his "football injury" from a couple of months ago. Oh ya, I haven't blogged about that either. Well, he was playing football with a bunch of 20 year olds (some of them were his age too but I'm trying to make this sound really irresponsible!) and fell while running with the ball. He said that his foot planted on the ground and his knee went the other way. We spent most of that night in the ER only for the doctor to say that it wasn't broken (which we could've told him) and that he needs to follow up with his primary doctor if it keeps bothering him. The only good thing about the ER trip was that we now have a pair of crutches. That brings me to the latest with his knee...he had an MRI done and the doctor told him on Friday that he has an ACL tear along with 3 more things wrong with his knee. They aren't minor things either! So...he will be seeing another doctor this week to get a 2nd opinion but most likely to schedule surgery to have his knee repaired. The worst thing about this whole story is that he thinks he's gonna be playing sports again once his knee has healed...PLEASE talk some sense into him for me because he's not listening to me!!

We just moved this weekend (which means that everything in our new house is either in boxes or lost and I probably should be working on emptying/finding things instead of this blog) to another house. We did our walk through and asked for the carpets cleaned, blinds to be fixed/put in on the windows with broken/missing blinds, and the pool to be cleaned. Not too much to ask if you ask me. Well, we got them to clean the carpets, clean the pool, and say they will fix the blinds issue. HOWEVER, after the carpets were cleaned, the carpet guy said that the person before us must've had pets because the carpets smell really bad of animal urine. We did what the carpet guy said and aired it out for at least 6 hours before we start worrying about the smell (we actually waited 2 whole days)! After 2 days, the smell was terrible and you would get a wiff of it immediately after walking through the doors. We called the management company and told them the problem. There response was..."well, let it air out for another couple of days and then we can assess what needs to be done". Jeff basically said "go shove it" in somewhat nice words. He told them that they either need to replace the smelly carpets or we would like our deposit back and we would find another place to live. They decided to agree to that HOWEVER, they chose to replace only one room with the cheapest, hardest carpet they make. The rest of the house is a shag carpet that is a light tan color. They replaced the one loft room with dark brown, regular carpet with the cheapest padding they could find as well. NOT HAPPY!! still smells like animal urine! AND...we still have several blinds that don't work (don't close) or that are missing from windows. They have yet to get back to use about these wonderful issues!

Finally, we have 16 1/2 days left of school...not that I'm counting or anything! I have had a really rough last part of the year with my students. I am an inclusion special education teacher, which means that I go into general education classrooms and co-teach all the students in that class, including my special education students. I have recently had an increase in behavior students. Some of these students are VERY aggressive and think it's okay to throw objects at students and teachers. I have had chairs, pencils, books, papers, blocks, markers, baskets, etc. thrown at me and other students over the last month. I have even had one student try to bite me and successfully kick me up and down my shins (I'm very bruised...;-(
Long story short...I am SOOOOO ready for this school year to be over. I am taking one day at a time and look forward to going home and doing homework, housework, or other motherly duties!!! Not something I would normally look forward to doing!!


Apple said...

Yuck! Sounds pretty bad! So they replaced your carpet with different carpets? weird! Sound like your classroom is a danger zone! Be careful!

Jacque said...

Wow! my daughter the teacher... I know you have done a good job with all those students but I'm glad you get time off from it. Will you have those same students next year?
Can't wait for vaction for you too...

Melina said...

Yes looks ridiculous! It's the management company too, not the owner...I'm anxious to see what the owner would think! Plus Jeff bleached the plywood underneath after they ripped the carpet up and it still doesn't smell the best! =)

Mom-I don't have all the same kids next year. The one in particular that is throwing things at me will be gone next year but who knows if I'll get some new ones that will be the same or worse...I'm hoping not!!