Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I am finally almost done with school...I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been going to school non-stop for a year tomorrow and I will be turning in my last assignments tomorrow! I am so excited to be done, yet so nervous to start teaching my own classroom and keeping up on IEP's (lots and lots of paperwork)!! I have already started to re-arrange my classroom and get things on the walls but I am still trying to decide on one bulletin board. If you have any suggestions for a homework bulletin board please let me know...anything will help.

I have a family reunion at the end of this month and am so looking forward to going. I need to get out of town and get away from school/work, even if it is for a couple of days!


Lori said...

a homework bulletin board??...like how to decorate it??? Thats what LLEARNING IS FUN is for babe. And yea i am a baby but aren't you jealous that i get to explore so many things and i get to fin dthe man for me:] my journey has just begun!!!

Katy Truman said...

Thats so cool Melina you be teaching your very own class now and don't worry you will be great. We look forward to seeing you at the reunion as well. I know what you mean about needing to get out of town. :)