Friday, June 24, 2011

House, House, and more House

Just to forewarn you, this is lengthy for my posts but it's mostly pictures. Enjoy...

So...come on in and take a tour of the new place:

This is the street view of the house...there is a driveway on the right and left of the house. They are both VERY steep as well and let me tell you, Justin has already figured out that you can ride something down them and go pretty fast. He has also learned that you can wreck and it hurts pretty bad as well! Ha!

Here is the view looking down from the driveway.

This is the left side of the house where the garages and dog run are (that's the fenced area next to the car).

Another view of the dog run...the shed in the gate is a "shelter" for the dogs. There is even a whole in the shed so we can put a swamp cooler on it to keep the dogs cooler in the summer!

Looking out the back door to the left. The shed in this picture is a play house for the kids. There is a trampoline and swing set for the kids to play with and a built in barbecue for Jeff to play with. ;-)

Looking straight out the back door with Justin on the hill in the background. The trail that Justin is on leads up the hill and straight out to the desert...which probably explains all the critters we see!

This is looking out the right side of the back door. Yes, that is a hot tub...not sure it's gonna get much use during the summer but come winter, watch out neighbors...keep your blinds closed!

This is looking from the corner of the backyard to the back of the house.

Come on in...the front entryway. This is before the owners were completely moved out so all the stuff you see is their's, not ours.

The boys room...there dad is a firefighter which explains the decor, plus they were boys (twins). The bench behind Justin lifts up for more storage.

The girl room...the kids bathroom is to the right in this picture and it is a "Jack and Jill" set up where there is another entrance to the bathroom through Justin's room.

The master bedroom. The door you see to the left of the picture is one closet and the other closet is below through the bathroom.

The master bathroom with his and her sinks as well as an old fashioned looking tub.

This shower is AWESOME!! It has three shower heads and doubles as a steam room! There is also a seat you see at the bottom right corner...

The office has a built in desk with cabinets and we also purchased those chairs from the owners to accompany the built in desk! Very comfortable!

This is the "kids area". It is the upstairs loft and has the Wii, Playstation, kids computer, piano, and old couch. The loft is open to the living room and kitchen on the main floor.

This is one angle of the living room looking from the kitchen. The french doors in the background is the office. The white door on the left goes to the loft and the white door on the right goes to the basement.

Looking from the hallway in front of the office into the living room.

The kitchen...

The other side of the kitchen. The wooden door looking things are the fridge doors...the whole left side is the freezer and the whole right side is the fridge, HUGE and one of my favorite parts of the house!

The "man cave" as Jeff calls it...I call it the theater, which is in the basement. We also purchased those theater chairs from the owners so we can watch our movies/TV on that 150 inch screen comfortably!

The theater is complete with a wet bar and elevator or "dumb waiter" (the wooden square next too the cabinets) that also has a stop on the main floor in the kitchen as well as up in the loft.

We will be enjoying our time down in the theater! (The chairs in the back also have theater speakers under them so you can "feel" the bass during a cool!)

If you look at the first picture of the theater room, up at the top is the projector that the owner was using when he was here. When Jeff said we were getting a projector for the theater I was picturing a small unit like that but NNNNOOOO!!! This is what we got...a humongo projector that is one hundred times better...of course!! If you know TOTALLY understand!

This is a picture of the screen while I am sitting in the front row watching Food Network...not sure this picture does it justice because it is awesome! Not sure how else to explain it...

SO...who wants to come over for a movie night/day or just to watch TV...;-)


Melina said...

Whoops, I wasn't watching food network...I think it was Travel Channel. Still doesn't do the picture justice though!

Anonymous said...

Sign me up! I'll be there tomor... ah dang! Why do I live so far away?!?!

Melina said...

Definitely next time your out here day! Although, did you see the latest post about critters before your comment? I bet you have some critters where you live too don't you?